About Us

About Us

iLock is a leader in security solutions for laptop, desktop and tablet with good quality and affordable price.

Being working with our reliable Research & Design in USA, and manufacture in Taiwan for high quality locks, iLock enjoys a good reputation in the fields of security systems. We offer one of the world's most secure locking solution for laptops, desktops, and tablets with competitive price.

All iLock Keyed products can be customed-made to becomes Master Key Version. The perfect solution if you want your IT manager to have a key that accesses all locks while each employee has their own individual lock and key. This gives each employee the power to protect their laptops with a personal lock that can be used anywhere in the office or on-the-go.

All iLock products are R&D in USA and manufactured in Taiwan.

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iLock's International Distributor's enquiry

email : info@ilock.biz


Contact Us

Email : info@ilock.biz

Website : www.ilock.biz

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